Wurth uses flat conductors for low-profile inductor

Wurth WE-HCFT 2504 inductor

Würth has used flat conductors and MnZn cores keep the height of its WE-HCFT 2504 inductor family to 4mm.

1, 2.2, 4.7, 6.8 and 10µH parts are available, at currents up to 33A.

Operation is over -40 to +125°C and it complies with AEC-Q200 for automotive use.

Use is foreseen in many kinds of dc-dc converters, with Wurth suggesting point-of-load regulators for FPGAs, ASICs and GPUs, battery chargers and solar inverters. Potential topologies include forward , half-bridge and full-bridge.

GaN transistor maker Efficient Power Conversions picked one of the parts for its EPC9148 thin three-level synchronous buck converter evaluation board (see photo), which can convert 44 – 60Vin to 5 – 20Vout at up to 12.5A with a peak efficiency of 98%. Switching is as 400kHz.

The inductor shares the board with a synchronous boot-strap gate drive circuit with uP1966E gate drivers from uPI Semi, plus a housekeeping power supply, digital controller, current and voltage sensing, and output filter. Kelvin sensing input and output voltage test point are provided for accurate efficiency measurements.

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