Wireless charging over 40mm and up to 300W

E2Watt circuit

“We developed the entire E2Watt wireless platform, from the concept to architecture and firmware, in order to overcome the limitations of standard AC power adapters and Qi wireless chargers,” said Igor Spinella, CEO and founder of Eggtronic.

Little additional information has been supplied – Electronics Weekly has requested more.

The transmitter uses ‘GaNFast’ GaN power ICs from Navitas Semiconductor. “The single-stage hybrid design minimizes losses compared with conventional double-stage wireless technologies to deliver peak efficiencies of up to 95%,” according to Eggtronic.

A Microchip dsPIC33 microcontroller provides control. “Our collaboration with Eggtronic has resulted in the development of a unique and differentiated Qi transmitter design for customers,” according to Microchip v-p Joe Thomsen.

And end-user markets?

“We can expand into new segments and products that were not possible before,” said Eggtronic head of sales Matteo Ovi. “Wireless laptops, TVs, sound systems and home appliances can be supplied wirelessly.”

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