Raspberry Pi-designed chip available from Farnell

The Raspberry Pi RP2040 microcontroller offers high performance for integer workloads, a large on-chip memory, and a wide range of I/O options, making it a flexible solution for a wide range of microcontroller applications.

Key features include:

    • Two ARM Cortex-M0+ cores clocked at 133 MHz
    • 264 kB of on-chip SRAM
    • 30 multifunction GPIO pins
    • Dedicated hardware for commonly used peripherals alongside a programmable I/O subsystem for extended peripheral support
    • Four-channel ADC with internal temperature sensor
    • Built-in USB 1.1 with host and device support.

“Customers can now use the Raspberry Pi Pico within their design phase and shift to the RP2040 in production, giving ultimate flexibility and opportunity for design engineers,” says Farnell’s Lee Turner.

The Raspberry Pi 2040 is available from Farnell in EMEA, Newark in North America and element14 in Asia Pacific, from Tuesday, 1st June.

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