Swimming : Teaching, Coaching, Education, and Communication

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As a head swim coach, my center director came to me and asked about swimming tips and some examples of work-out in swimming. He thought that it could work as a reference for our aquatic department; where it can educate new swim coaches and the department. I agreed and understood the need for such a reference that can have enough information for work-out in water. I also noticed that in every Learn to Swim program I have ever seen or heard; that some instructors are way better than other instructors at the same center or club or swim school. Why? and how can swim instructors and coaches be more educated, and get -easier to find- recurses?

As an expert in swimming with 41 years of coaching for clubs and colleges in three different countries, swam 4 years for my undergraduate college, head and instructor lifeguard, aquatic director, pool operator, owner of a Family Swimming Center, inc. since 2008, and NCAC swim team since 2011, where my swimmers had over 60 records in Metropolitan Swimming, NY, and the Head National Swim Coach for Saudi Arabia, and went to Barcelona Olympic Games 1992 as KSA head coach, I am also meet director, and host of swim meets for USA Swimming from 2009 to current, as well as hosting the Bronze Championships for Central Clubs in Metropolitan Swimming in New York for the past the years.

So, let me try to give you my best in a very simple way with tons of examples, explanations, tips, and many easy possible alternative ways to get the job done, plus many references that will be very helpful for everyone.

I believe that each great swim coach has great pieces of knowledge of

Chapter I Provides Learn to swim programs, and the power points that help instructors to perform and teach better, with examples of my own learn to swim program.
Chapter II provides a lot of the basic information that helps most new swim coaches to understand and perform better coaching and help swimmers to reach their next levels of competition.
Chapter III provides valuable information about how to get a better education as an instructor or a swim coach.
Chapter IIII provides better ways of communication

Please read the book and find new and different ways to teach, coach, and communicate with everyone around you.

Thank you

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Swimming : Teaching, Coaching, Education, and Communication


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