GForce Professional Dual Motor Whole Body Vibration Machine 1500 Watt

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Product Description

Results You Can Expect to Receive From Using The GForce Whole Body Vibration Exercise Machine Include:

Better Circulation… Increasing the amount of the circulation of your blood in your body will help the cardiovascular system as well as your muscles! Enhanced Muscle Strength… Decreases fatigue and risk of injury Greater Flexibility… Allows you greater freedom of movement and improved posture Increased Range Of Motion… Reduces weak muscles and stiffness Stimulates Core Conditioning… Tightens abs, improves posture and increases the correct distribution of body weight Better Stability and Balance… As we age, balance becomes more difficult if we don’t counter the natural tendency of the body to lose it’s sense of balance Increases Metabolism… Increases the body’s ability to shed excess weight Increased Bone Density… Results in stronger, healthier bones that are then less susceptible to breaks and fractures Stress Reduction… Reduced stress means less irritability, worry, nervousness and illnesses from excessive stress Stimulates Lymphatic Flow… Increases nutrients to the body’s cells as well as more effective elimination of waste products Decreases Cellulite… Less cellulite means less toxins being retained in the body Increases Natural Collagen Production… Increased protein for smoother skin, healthier eyes, tendons, organs, nails and cellular health Tones Muscles and Body Conditioning… Increased strength, more lean muscle mass and improved endurance ​Setup and Exercise DVD Included
Get a jump on exercises using your new GForce Pro machine with our included Training and Exercise DVD

Your Whole Body Vibration Machine Comes With an easy-to-use Exercise Chart to Help You Get the Most Out of Your Machine!


Large Platform / Plate (27″ x 20″ size) 60 Speed Settings (For each motor!) User Friendly Digital Control Panel Triangular Oscillation Amplitude: 0-11 mm Triangular Oscillation Frequency: 5 Hz-22 Hz Tri-Planer Vibration Amplitude: 2.5 mm Tri-Planer Vibration Frequency: 15-45 Hz Dual Mode Amplitude: 1-10 mm Dual Mode Frequency: 25-50 Hz G-force: 2.8 – 17.24 Gs 110V, 60Hz for operation within US and Canada – Just plugs into any ordinary outlet! Arm Bands Included – Great for stability or upper body workouts Leveling legs on the bottom make it easy to have it perfectly balanced to work on any floor Safe to Operate: UL/TUV Listed

What Is The Benefit To A Dual Motor Machine?

Purchasing a Dual Motor machine allows you to quite literally get twice the benefits out of the machine! Each type of vibration in a vibration plate machine helps your body focus on specific benefits. Lets break this down motor by motor:

Oscillation Motion:

The Oscillation motor allows the vibration plate to pivot back and forth like a see-saw. This type of vibration has impressive results with lymphatic drainage, weight loss, balance and improving fast twitch muscle function.

Triplanar Motion:

The Triplanar motor moves the vibration plate in a spiral motion. The movements are very quick and have smaller amplitudes. This type of motion is perfect for increasing muscle strength and bone density while helping to reduce inflammation.

You can easily see now that you understand what each motor does, why getting a single motor machine limits you and the benefits you can derive from your machine!







What makes us Different?

GForce Vibration units were made with our customers in mind. With more power, more versatility, and to be very user friendly.

The GForce Professional Whole Body Vibration unit is especially made for those looking to get more out of a vibration plate machine. It is built to be used more times a day and hold up to wear and tear better. With its brushless DC motors, heavier duty frame, and buttons expect to be able to use the machine more often and worry less about breakage. It is best suited for gyms, physicians offices and high use homes.

Weight – Dimensions – Limits

Size: when assembled: 56.5″ height x 30″width x 32″ depth

Maximum Load Weight: 400lbs

Weight: 146 LBS – it is packaged in 2 boxes

To ensure safe arrival, these ship by Freight, as a professionally crated LTL shipment on a pallet. This is much safer than UPS / Fed Ex. The shipping time is 7-12 business days. The trucking company will call to schedule the delivery to ensure that you will be available to sign for it, so a good contact phone number and a good delivery address is required. This shipment does not include inside delivery. We will mail the DVD and exercise chart separately, so you will be receiving this order in two shipments.

Powerful Dual 110V DC Motors

1000W Triangular Oscillation (seesaw) Motor
500W Triplanar Vibration (spiral) Motor
3 Horse Power
Upgraded noiseless higher quality motors!

9 Operating Modes

Manual Oscillation
Manual Oscillation + Manual Vibration
3 Automatic Programs
3 User Defined Programs

Highest-rated Vibration Machine on the Market
Setup and Exercise DVD Included
Exercise Chart with 26 Different Exercises Included
High-Power 1500 Watt Dual Motors – Oscillation and Triplanar
Customize Your Workout with 9 Operating Modes (3 Manual, 3 Automatic and 3 User Defined)

Price: $2,174.98
(as of Jun 10,2021 12:20:16 UTC – Details)

GForce Professional Dual Motor Whole Body Vibration Machine 1500 Watt


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